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Department【Breast Surgery】
  • Department【Breast Surgery】
Department【Breast Surgery】

In the breast surgery department, we treat patients with various symptoms in mammary gland. There are benign diseases such as mastpathy, mastitis and fibroadenoma as well as malignant disease in the breast. We are proud of having 8 radiological technologists qualified for mammography and 6 clinical technicians qualified for echograph examination of mammary gland. We provide up-to-date treatment based on the clinical guideline for breast cancer. In order to reduce the risk and minimize the damage to patients, we utilize 3 dimension magnetic resonance mammography and dynamic CT before cancer operation. As the result, more than 70% patients with breast cancer in our department could have selected breast conserving surgery. Treatment of breast cancer is a life-long care. We are trying to provide the best and warmful support for all patients.


Department【Breast Surgery】

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